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      Name: Marine electric boards
      PZK marine electric board is appropriate for ship's power station below 500V for 3-phase AC 50~60HZ and above 300V for DC in ship's power system. It is used to control generator and distribute network.
      This product complies with GB/T11634-2000: General Technical Specification for Marine AC LV Electric Board.
      Main technical specifications:
      1. Stand-alone control power: 12~300KW
      2. Main functions: 
      1)manual/auto operation, testing, alarm, protection, processing
      2)Provide generator with overload, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, and reverse power protections.
      3)Manual/auto parallel operation
      4)Manual /auto frequency adjustment and load auto- distribution are realizable.
      5)working parameter(V、A、F、P、COSф etc)test.
      3.Safety grade of housing: Ip22
      When placing an order, please note size or other special requirements.

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