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      Name:WS2 Marine Clear View Screen

       WS2-CR marine clear view screen may be mounted above viewing window in pilothouse. It is driven by a motor mounted on the center of main frame to directly drive the view screen to rotate at high speed; thus to generate centrifugal force; as a result, to throw away rainwater, snow or seawater to obtain a clear visual field. This produce is equipped with electro-thermal ice-unfreezing device; therefore it is appropriate for all-weather navigation. 

      This product complies with CB644-1992: Marine Clear View Screen.

      Name:WS3 Marine Clear View Screen

      WS3-CR type ship clear view screen applies double layer glass structure for completely preventing rain and water from the external environment into the interior space with certain air tight property and better visual field under normal condition, therefore, it is suitable for various oil tankers, chemicals tankers and high speed naval ships. The product can remove the rain, snow and sea water from the windows with the centrifugal force generated from the high speed rotation of glass driven with the motor which is installed in the center of main frame, and can keep clear vision. Additionally, the product is installed with electrothermal ice smelting device and is applicable for all-weather sailing.

      This product complies with CB644-1992: Marine Clear View Screen.

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