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      Name: DJ2 Rudder angle indicator

               Rudder angle indicator is the necessary equipment for big and small ships on the sea, and is mainly used for sending the rudder angle position information to the steering machine cabin and steering room during navigation. The system features accurate and precise indicator, low working noise and visual indication. This device can be installed with VDR signal output with several repeaters (junction box is required)

      Technical Specifications
      Power: DC24V
      Normal display angle scope: left 0
      ~35°right 0~35°
      Display mode: Pointer
      Rudder accuracy display: ±1°
      Equipment I/O interface(VDR): RS-485(
      IP grade: Rudder transmitter IP44
                       Receiver Ip22,IP44,IP56
      Using environment
      Sway and incline:
      Transverse sway: ±22.5o, longitudinal sway: ±10o
      Transverse incline: ±22.5o, longitudinal incline: ±10o
      Environmental temperature: 0oC
      Air relative humidity: ≤95%

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