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      Name: Wheel house control console

           JKT type ship (naval vessel)-purpose marine centralized control board (panel) is applicable to centralized control of navigation system, communication system, navaid system, signal system, alarm system and electrical equipment (such as local power distribution etc) in the pilothouses of various civil and naval vessels.

      This product features pretty appearance, reasonable arrangement and exquisite technique. We can provide customized design and manufacturing. This product complies with Steel Sea-Going Ship Rating and Construction Criteria (2001); GB/T 13602-1992: Marine Centralized Control Board (Panel) Technology and GJB4000-2000: Naval Vessel General Specification and so on.

      Single-duty type WHC

      Basic functions: 
      2)Engine operation; 
      3)Navigation safety; 
      5)Power distribution.
       6)Safety grade of housing: IP22

      It shall withstand impact and vibration resulting from vessel's motion when normal operating and navigating.

      As required, it can be made of common steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy. Machining process should be subject to general-purpose machine tool or numerical-controlled machine tool according to client's requirement.

      As required by client, it can be configured with our pilot, navigation light controller, signal lamp controller, foghorn controller, emergency telegraph and distributor box etc.

      Before placing an order, both parties must sign an agreement on technical specification.

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