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      Name: Follow-up pilot

      This follow-up pilot adopts non-contact electronic control. Its appearance is appropriate for installation of various marine centralized control boards and for use purposes of civil vessels and military auxiliary vessels at various tonnages. It mainly functions to control electro-hydraulic steering gear switched over by electromagnetic valve or electro-hydraulic valve to make rudder blades always follow up navigation direction controlled by an operator.
      This product has double-way system that works solely or simultaneously. When one system is de-energized, it will automatically switch over to another system; ensuring safe navigation to most extent.
      This product features pretty appearance, simple structure, easy operation, reliable performance and complete configuration. In addition, as required by user, it can provide VDR interface to output (steer command signal and rudder angle response signal) analog signal or RS-485 serial signal.
      This product complies with GB11876-89: General Technical Specification for Follow-up Pilot.

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