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      Name: DJ Rudder angle indicator

      roduct Introduction
      The Rudder Angle Indicator is the necessary equipment that is used in various vessels to navigate on the sea. Its function is to transmit the rudder angle information in the sailing to the driving place. This digital Rudder Angle Indicator (single face or three faces) has the performances of accuracy indication, no any working noise, direct and clear display (the rudder angle is displayed by the digit display element, piloting lamps indicate the relevant angle scope and the angle direction), small volume and light weight, etc. It also can be connected with the remote computer to sampling the signal and process through the interface RS-485. And it can be connected to several displays (the connection box is required).

      Technical Specifications
      Power: DC24V
      Normal display angle scope: left 0~35°right 0~35°
      Display mode: digital display with scale indication
      Rudder accuracy display: ±0.5°
      Equipment I/O interface: RS-485
      IP grade: Rudder transmitter IP44
      Receiver Ip22
      Using environment

      Sway and incline:
      Transverse sway: ±22.5o, longitudinal sway: ±10o
      Transverse incline: ±22.5o, longitudinal incline: ±10o
      Environmental temperature: 0oC~+45oC
      Air relative humidity: ≤95%

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